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About Martha

In addition to her role as the Director of Innovation of Health Sciences at UD, Dr. Hall is an assistant professor in Health Sciences with affiliation in the Fashion and Apparel Studies Department and the Horn Entrepreneurship program. Her academic work inspires design challenges augmenting human performance, solving issues of sustainability and beyond.


Dr. Martha Hall

Director of Innovation and Health Sciences

University of Delaware

Featured Posts

Dr. Martha Hall Speaks at Human Solution’s Size North America: Babies, Toddlers & Kids with Disabilities Webinar Series

by Julia Levine | January 21, 2021

Human Solution’s Sizing Webinar, February 3, 2021 Human body sizes and shapes have changed a lot over the past several decades.  Clothing sizes are based on archaic data of typical body shapes for children, men, and women. Current sizing is also limited to people that are able-bodied. These narrow constraints minimize who, within the population, is being served.  Click […]

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LGBTQI people wears rainbow colored clothes

Our Next Big Project: LGBTQ+ Tech

by Dr. Martha Hall | August 18, 2020

Our New Focus Currently my team and I are working on 25 different projects addressing a variety of challenges ranging from the COVID-19 pandemic to helping Dementia patients stay on track. Each one is important and exciting, and I am thrilled to be tackling so many different projects at once.  One that I am particularly excited about that I wanted […]

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GivingTuesday 2020: Easterseals

by Dr. Martha Hall | November 30, 2020

What is GivingTuesday?  GivingTuesday is a global generosity movement that empowers people and organizations to give back. It started 8 years ago in 2012 as a day shortly after Black Friday that is an opportunity for people to be philanthropic. It has grown to inspire hundreds of millions of people to donate, collaborate, and celebrate generosity.  Picking a Charity  For me, selecting an organization for GivingTuesday was really challenging because there are so many wonderful non-profits, charities, and other great institutions to choose from. I gave it […]

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